Model 990.15

Diaphragm seal with flange connection

For block flange or saddle flange

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  • Specifically for connection with block or saddle flange
  • Aggressive, contaminated, highly viscous or hot media
  • Process industry

Special Features

  • Flush diaphragm
  • Process connection to provide for direct threaded connection with block flange or saddle flange


Diaphragm seals are used for the protection of pressure measuring instruments in applications with difficult media. In diaphragm seal systems, the diaphragm of the diaphragm seal effects the separation of the instrument and the medium.
The pressure is transmitted to the measuring instrument via the system fill fluid which is inside the diaphragm seal system.

For the implementation of demanding customer applications, there are a wide variety of designs, materials and system fill fluids available.

For further technical information on diaphragm seals and diaphragm seal systems see IN 00.06 "Application, operating principle, designs".

Together with a block flange or a saddle flange, the model 990.15 diaphragm seal forms a perfectly matched system. By means of the process connection via block flanges or saddle flanges, compact assemblies can be optimally realised at the measuring point.

Depending on customer requirements, the model 990.15 can be subsequently integrated into a process by means of the accessory models 910.19, 910.20 and 910.23.

The process connection is designed as a flange connection. The measuring instrument is in a vertical position.

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