Resistance thermometers - Archive

Model Description Number
TR472 In-Line Resistance Thermometer TE 60.28
TR820 Resistance Thermometer for air ducts TE 60.50
TR195 Cable resistance thermometer for shipbuilding industry with bayonet coupling TE 69.10
TR451/452 Resistance Thermometers, NEUMO BioControl® TE 60.27
TR812 Resistance Thermometers TE 60.45
TC192, TR192 Threaded cable thermometer for shipbuilding industry TE 69.05
TC191, TR191 Cable thermometer with compression fitting for shipbuilding industry TE 69.01
TR197 Cable resistance thermometer for shipbuilding industry, penetration probe TE 69.15
TR10-E Resistance thermometer for an additional thermowell TE 60.05
TR51 Pipe surface resistance thermometer for clamping TE 60.51
TR295 Threaded resistance thermometer for shipbuilding industry TE 69.21
TR890 Indoor and outdoor resistance thermometer for shipbuilding industry TE 69.35
TR291, TR292 Resistance thermometers with thread for shipbuilding industry TE 69.20
TC293, TR293 Electrical thermometer for shipbuilding industry with tapered thermowell TE 69.25
TC791, TR791 Electrical thermometer for shipbuilding industry, stern tube TE 69.30
TR221, TR223 Resistance Thermometers, Compact Design TE 60.18
TR225, TR227 Resistance Thermometers Compact Design with Programmable Transmitter TE 60.19
TR217 Resistance Thermometer with Spring-Loaded Probe Tip TE 60.22
TR201 Thread Mounted Resistance Thermometers TE 60.15
TR211 Thread Mounted Resistance Thermometers TR211, TR212 TE 60.17
TRD20 Resistance Thermometers, Flameproof Enclosure TE 60.60
TR70 Electronic temperature switch with display TE 67.02
DR111 Resistance Thermometer DiwiTherm®, with digital display TE 50.01
TR501 Resistance Thermometers Straight Design, for Flue Gas Measurement TE 60.30
TR602 Resistance Thermometers for Flat Surfaces/for Pipe Surfaces TE 60.35
TR7X0 Cable-Resistance Thermometer TE 60.40
TR200 Resistance Thermometer, for Additional Thermowell TE 60.10
TR002 Resistance Thermometer Measuring Insert TE 60.01
TR481 Resistance Thermometers for Sterile Process Technology TE 60.29
TR165 Cable Resistance Thermometer, with Bayonet-Type Connection TE 60.06
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