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  • Sanitary applications
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Bio and pharmaceutical industry, production of active ingredients

Special features

  • Simplified calibration through removable measuring inserts
  • Materials and surface finish quality in accordance with the standards of hygienic designs
  • Stainless steel head in optimised hygienic design, easily cleanable in all mounting positions (patent, industrial property right: GM 000984349)
  • Pt100, 4 … 20 mA or HART® protocol, FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus and PROFIBUS® PA output possible


The model TR22-A resistance thermometer is used for temperature measurement in sanitary applications. The process connections meet the stringent requirements, in terms of materials and design, of hygienic measuring points. 

With increased hygienic requirements for the ambient areas around the measuring point, a stainless steel head is available in an optimised hygienic design. This enables easy cleaning of the measuring instrument, particularly for splash zones in food production. 

Due to the rotatable screw connection to the connection head, it is possible to loosen the connection head and to adjust it in the desired position. The connection head can be removed together with the measuring insert.

This allows the resistance thermometer to be calibrated along with the whole measuring chain, i.e. without disconnecting the electrical connections. In addition, this avoids having to open the process, and thus the risk of contamination is minimised.

The spring-loaded measuring insert guarantees the contact between the sensor tip and the bottom of the thermowell and thus ensures a fast response time and high accuracy. 

The welded junction between the thermowell and the flange makes the use of a sealing as additional material in those areas redundant which are in contact with the product.

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